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Originally Posted by concinnity View Post
Has anyone else had nothing but bad luck with Corsair? First, my 300R has the mic and headphone ports backwards, and now my K90 has a broken key. It surprises me that it seems that everyone else raves about them, and I get the one that slipped through the QC.
The only thing I purchase from Corsair is memory and I've never had a single RAM module fail on me, and I have purchased enough RAM to open a store :D I've had failures with other brands, but not Corsair.

QC issues is something any company can face, even the thing for sure, I don't know a single company that will check each and every item - and when you are talking about large volumes, it is absolutely unrealistic to expect every single unit to be inspected, never happens. There will be bad units among the bunch, guaranteed, with any type of product, and companies KNOW this and set aside a % of their revenues to deal with this. I have personally seen people purchase $4k items and they had defects out of the box. Out of the millions that are sold, there WILL be bad units, and no company will inspect each and every one.

Are companies cutting corners and quality control overall compared to many years ago, I would say yes. Prices have gone down a long way and some corners are being cut. What matters is how well a company deals with this. Some handle it better than others. I've ordered a lot from Corsair and Seagate, and with the volume, I had not had a single failure, (surprised about it myself). And I have actually had 3 failures in a row with Micron Memory ages ago so it's the luck of the draw really when you purchase a product there is always a risk you may get the bad apple out of the bunch and no company is immune from this.

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