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Default Asus Rampage Extreme VGA BIOS error

My friend have an Asus Rampage Extreme (775 socket) and it started to get "VGA BIOS" error on the LCD Poster. He is running an Sappire 4870x2. I started by swapping it with an AMD 5450 or something similar single slot GPU that doesn't need additional power. The problem went away and then I reinstall the old 4870x2 with a new Antec 520W and the problem came back. Am I looking at a dead GPU or is it not sitting properly? Also, he's old Zelman PSU seem a bit broken because when I turn off the PSU switch, there's still power going to the motherboard as all the onboard LEDs are still on.

EDIT: When I manage to boot into Windows, there were a lot of GPU related errors in Event Logs and he complained about BSOD as well.
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