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Everything is faster, since I'm MCTS I'm pretty good with molding windows to what I want it to be. I've never been a fan of the start menu, so that's something that's not an issue for me, which meant that i had less habits that I had to change when it came to making my way through the system. There are also considerable security upgrades, and I have found that the cooperation with other systems on my network seems to be a bit better to.

If you toss win8 on an ssd, you are going to find that you pretty much never have to wait for anything on your system ever again. Everyone spends a lot of time focusing on the Modern UI, but there are plenty of things going on with it.

When it comes to gaming, the design work I do, and multitasking; I've noticed that everything I do actually responds better and quicker than win7. the bit thing is that you will have to get used to a few changes when it comes to how you navigate a start menu. Rather than clicking on an orb that gives you a little menu, you know have one that takes up the entire screen. Nice thing is you can customise it and make it fit your needs. For me the key is to NOT use the mobile applications within the UI, I avoid those.

Couple write ups on it:
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