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My System Specs


Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
You need to take some better pics. That pic only shows half the story.

Like where is the line from the CPU heading off to?
Why is there 3 lines on the bottom of the reservoir?
How is the radiator setup?

Get me more pictures as from what I can tell from this horrible picture you don't have this loop setup properly.
Yeah I know the picture isn't the best. I can only do so much with a cell phone camera.

There's only two lines going to the res. That third line is the pump going to the 360rad. And the line from the cpu goes to the 360 rad. Right now it is setup as pump> 360rad> cpu> gpu> 120rad> res> pump. When I get time to look at it again I might drill mounting holes for the rad behind the case and get rid of the 120 rad. This is a work in progress. This is definitely not the final build.
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