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Originally Posted by fridge2far View Post
Hi JD, I noticed there's no FM tuner in CM9..
I looked for an app that can do the same on Google Play but can't find anything, any idea how can I get a FM tuner on CM9?
It seems that they removed the FM tuner hardware from later models (SG2 and 3) but our model has the hardware to support it :)
Have a look at the Spirit FM App. There is more info here : [APP] Spirit FM: Broadcom,Texas Instruments,Samsung Silicon Labs & Qualcomm FM chips - xda-developers and a warning about possible speaker damage: here .

Finding a usable FM Radio app for non-stock ROMs is an ongoing challenge. My understanding is Google/Android does not support FM so any FM apps are proprietary and added by the hardware manufacturer (Samsung in our case).
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