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Default Windows 8 Full Version

Picked up a couple of copies of Windows 8 Pro today. But I don't want to open the packaging until I know that I have the full version of windows and not the upgrade version. Is there a way I can tell? It doesn't actually say on the package. If you click the link here it shows a pic (the larger one) of the box mine came in.

I do have Vista home but I can't register that OS on any other computer but the one I assigned to it so when I change my hardware I'll need a full version iirc.

What lead me to believe this was the full version was the price was marked down from $250.00 to $70.00. I thought there was no way an upgrade version could be that much? The people at Wal-Mart couldn't tell me either. But they were able to tell me that if I registered it I would not be able to return it.

It does say "Single user license" on the bottom though. What has me concerned is the tag on top in the description says "Win 8 32 bit/64bit English VUP DVD"

It's the "VUP" that has me worried. VUP= Version Upgrade?

EDIT: OK, looked around. VUP is definitely the upgrade version. Sigh. Not only that but if you want the full version it would seem you are limited to the hardware locked OEM versions. double sigh.

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