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Default Just recieved my Shure E4Gs!

Wow! These things are a great set of IEMs. Coming from some Etymotic ER-6i's there's quite a difference in soundstage and low frequency development, things that I missed on the 6's are now quite apparent in the track with the Shures. Not to say I didn't like my Ety's; in fact I prefer them still for anything acoustic - their drivers are perfectly tuned to get the most out of any brighter songs.

But alas, the wires wore down after almost daily use for two years - 20min. walk to school everyday took its toll eventually. Now I just need to find the best fitting ends for the Shures... I'm still used to the ER-6i I think.

Anyways, a great addition to anyone's portable music set-up. Going from any OEM earbuds to a nice set of IEM's is an incredible difference and a worthwhile upgrade for anyone looking to enjoy their music at a different level IMHO. Not to mention sitting on the bus and hearing nothing but music is great! :D
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