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My System Specs


Thanks. Yeah, I thought ATI was supposed to be so bad lmao. I went through driver hell last night and still came up short. Tried 310.70 no physx and overscan issues. 260.99 same thing.

So I thought I would get smart and look for older drivers that worked on this card in past reviews with examples of physx running. I started with 181.22. Holy mother of the Almighty!! Wouldn't even install the driver. It was the proper driver but the installer told me the OS wasn't 64bit so it refused to install. So I tried to run it after the files were extracted and the installer told me it couldn't find a compatible card.

So I tried 258.96. Install went well but I was back to having issues with no physx and overscan. These drivers would set my resolution to 800x600 after trying to apply things after choosing a resolution then stretching to fit. I have never seen so many poor drivers before. No, not even from ATI.

I will try 306.97 next lmao. Thanks. I was thinking of going with nvidia and checking out their 3D implementation. But I've changed my mind. I'll stick with ATI and 2D for the next build I think lol.

Edit: On a positive note, the latest driver did run BF3 reasonably well for me. (had to say something good).

Edit#2: Oh I almost forgot. No hardware monitoring in the CP? WTF? How....quaint.

Also, you should be able to deselect the physx stuff during driver install then go to C:/nvidia or wherever you chose to extract and find the physx installer there and run it separately after driver install. Though I don't know why that should have an impact on anything.

Edit#3: Almost forgot to mention. If I choose a resolution from the PC menu (4:3, 16:10) it applies just fine. HD widescreen? (16:9) Fugettaboutit.

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