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- AMDs controller is the worst for being limited. two SSDs in RAID 0 with an AMD controller is not much better then a single one and you lose trim so in the end you are slower then a single SSD.

- Intel's controller is a bit better but still limiting, you could run two and feel like you have come ahead and from what I understand the new drivers/firmware allow trim to stay intact so its a bit better but don't bother adding any more SSDs to the array 2 is pretty much the limit.

- For RAID 0 ONLY(if you want to keep the speed) you can use a HBA card, the 2720 SGL that I have in my desktop can move 4GB/s in RAID 0 and that takes 6-7 disks to reliably do. If you think you are going to use RAID 5 or 6 you need to get a real RAID card or run software RAID to keep performance.
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