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Question Sound Card and Headsets

Hi guys this is my first post here, so if I do something wrong please just let me know don't come after me with rude signs and pitchforks . Kidding, I was just looking for an excuse to use the cool emoticons.

Anyway for the true purpose of my post. I'm looking to improve my overall sound quality for gaming.

Currently I use my onboard sound ports and logitech g330 headset (not by any means a decent audio setup).

First of all is which headset to get, I've narrowed it down to two options:

* Razer blackshark 2.0ch
* Razer Megalodon 7.1ch surround.

Now you might think it would be an obvious choice (the megalodons), but I really like the look of the blacksharks and the build quality (I've already broken 2 headsets including the Creative Lab WoW wireless headset which isn't exactly cheap). So build quality is an important factor for me.

My question is, will I REALLY notice a massive difference between the sound quality of a 2.0ch headset with virtual surround and a 7.1ch true surround sound headset? Also I think it's worth a mention the blacksharks have had a boost to their bass to make sure the explosions and such in games sound really realistic.

Another thing worth mentioning is the megalodons have what they call an "included sound card". Now that's all I've managed to ascertain. I couldn't find out if it's a good sound card, if it really makes a difference to the sound quality etc. Its basically just an external box shaped device that the cord runs through giving the options to change volume etc, that apparently also acts as a sound card?

As a last sort of side note, I have a Republic Of Gamers Rampage IV Gene motherboard with "hd onboard audio". Now will I get better sound quality by installing a sound card, or should the hd onboard audio provide the same experience?

Thanks I'm really just looking for some of your experience in trying different headsets and sound cards etc, it would be great if someone who has owned the blacksharks or the megalodons could give me some pointers, else just generally your experience on 2.0 vs 7.1.

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