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If you want a hackintosh you will be narrowing your parts down a bit. This site will be a good place to double check any advice you get. You are pretty much a intel build(i7 3770 for this budget) no matter what because of this requirement.

Hackintosh Instructions, Hackintosh How To Guides @

As for three screen gaming I think you have also honestly pegged yourself into your graphic cards as well. 2 7970's is pretty much where you will end up if you are going to game on three screens.

I personally would also look at a VM package as well with the hackintosh to run OSX in, and 32GB of RAM as well if you go this route. Gskills tend to be one of the best priced units out there.

That kind of build should leave ~$250 a piece for your screens, Samsung personally have some of the smallest bezels I have seen in screens that I personally like.

I have no idea what prices are like in Greece or what stores are better to buy from so my advice is somewhat vague over a linked list. But this is all info that I have learned from my 3 screen setup. When I first built I used two mid range cards thinking they would be enough and they just didn't have enough umph nor was a single high end card. I work within different OS environments all day and a VM setup vs a dual boot setup is personally the way to go if you can get away with it.
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