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My System Specs


After trying allot of different settings in bios have settled in at 2133 with profile 2 xmp setting, that seems stable and the best I am able to get so far. 2400 seems out of reach for this 2600k afaik. Guess is why they have a note that 3770 and 3570 is recommended for best performance (ie:2400 speed).

On a side note figured if I am running at 2133 would add back in my 8 gig pair of 2133 but couldn't get the system to post at all, had to remove them.

Am not disappointed with the purchase anyway, it seems that everything is pushing me to buy the new chip pci-e 3.0, 2400 speed and a bit more bandwidth on the pipe. All things considered still isn't worth the $350 for a new chip I don't think.

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