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Originally Posted by Marute View Post
Overclocking is when you take your processor for instance and make it run faster than it was meant to. For instance if you make a 3GHz Processor run at 4GHz thus making it faster. It seems that you are not going to do that in which case I wouldn't recommend going for a processor with a "K" in the name since that K means it's good for overclocking. So I'll recommend either a i5-2500 (no K) or a i5-3450 or i5-3570 instead of the i5-2500K you've listed in build #1. It'll save you some money simply because you don't need a K for a non-overclocking build. Should you however choose to overclock at a later point, you'll need a K-processor. Other than that I'd probably take i5 over i7, again to save some money where you don't need to spend them.

You were talking about 32 gigs of RAM and while it is true that the more memory the better, at the moment I don't think you need to get anymore than 8gigs of ram. Heck, even 4GB should do the trick I suppose... Having ram in excess will not improve performance at all and you will never fill 32 gigs unless you do serious video editing.

Ahh I see. Ya do t want to get into that, don't think the games I play will require that. And plus with the equipment ill be getting (leaning more towards the second one I posted) think that should be good. Ahaha.. Yea I've had people tell me I don't need 32gb. I won't be doing any editing or running and software other than Microsoft word, power point and the games that I listed above.
Thanks suggestion/advice guys.

Keep em coming? :)
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