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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Jabberwock View Post
Thanks for the quick response,

I spent most of the day calling retailers trying to find one in stock (not fun during the holiday rush).
Canada Computers in Kingston has one ...

A lot the online retailers have them in stock at their warehouses.
I think I am going to get NCIX to have one delivered to their Mississauga location.

Yeah I planned on upgrading the stock fans.
I haven't built a computer in years (like Athlon XP days), so I am just going to go with some Zalman case fans, as I trust Zalman. Unless you have any other recommendations...

Hoping I can fit a Corsair H100 in the HAF XB in Push/Pull, seems possible from what I have read in forums.

Will definitely post some build pics once I get my hands on a case.

Thanks again.
Zalman Fans are usually pretty good, though sometimes overpriced from what is out there. If you are aiming at a more silent build, then Gelid , Yate loon or even the Gentle Typhoons from Scythe are a good start.

Higher performance fans coolermaster does make, the LED cheaper R4's actually have great static pressure numbers for use in a Rad/HS environment. Or the Blademasters they make.

Don't let the stock fans fool you into thinking CM doesn't know how to make a case fan, because they have great options outside of that.

Good luck getting the case, and good luck with the build!


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