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My System Specs


I'm thinking it's just a poor implementation (scaler). As my HD5870 was plug and play in the true sense of the words. iirc my X1950Pro's weren't all that great at scaling either and had to be manually adjusted.

My TV is limited to 4:3, 16:9, zoom 1 and zoom 2 or set by program. The HD5870 was very adept at scaling to whatever size without stretching. For example the GTX 295, after resizing to fit the screen gives me 1804x1004 (1080p) or 1202x768 (720p) having to shrink to fit.

Edit: reading up on the issue someone noted that before driver install there was no over/underscan issue.
so, I'm thinking it's a driver issue. But really? How long has the 295 been out?

EDIT #2:
After a days worth of searching I have my answer

XFX confirmed that by default the HDMI is set to carry Picture and Audio. So the default on the new drivers and new cards is to 'overscan' thus sending along extra info like sound.

The resolution is to over-ride this default using the method found in the link below. The guy here lays it all out and provides pictures for you.

Once I had over-ridden the EDID values, rebooted and set 'native panel resolution' inside the Nvidia software all was good.

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