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My System Specs



my motherboard allows 2800 ram with an o/c, fastest ram CC had was 2400 @ 2-8 gig sticks, g.skill is the ones suggesting 1.6 volts @ 2400 speeds, my previous mem 2-4 gig 2133 sticks also was @ 1.6 volts. was reading some other posts about the onboard mem controller not liking anything above 1.5, didn't know about that till then. Why would g.s recommend 165 if the onboard controller didn't like anything above 1.5?

I know is no real world benefit for 2133-2400 speed increase but was hoping to get it running at its rated speed anyway. Have never been into playing it safe with my parts, If my cpu dies before its time no big deal, been itching to get a 3770k since it came out, lol. My 2600k doesn't even know what default 3.4 is...


My motherboard is on the rams approved list, will play with the timings today to see what I can get.

am running the newest asus bios for this gene v board, did try running the xmp in the bios settings but system would just keep restarting in a loop with no posting or not restart at all, had to pull the plug a few times to get er going again with xmp set, once I set it too 2133 manually it would boot up with voltage left @ 1.65 and that is the voltage of my previous ram also that I had in that was bought for the z68 chipset board I had previously till upgrading to z77.

So @ 2400 speed with 1.65 volts she wont post and sometimes not even restart after saving the bois with xmp set and exit idea. Previous mem @ 2133 worked with xmp set np.

this note was posted on the site for my ram : Note : Recommended Intel Core i7-3770K processors & Core i5-3570K processors for best performance

Wasn't sure what that meant by best performance idea, 2400 running at 2133 for the 2600k? Or some manually set timmings in bios @ 2400 speed on this 2600k?

The mem am talking about is here: G.SKILL- World leading DDR3 computer memory and SSD manufacturer -Products

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