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My System Specs


Originally Posted by great_big_abyss View Post
You'll probably be better off going with an i3 and integrated GPU. A 7770 or 7850 would be a good choice.
I think you mean discrete GPU?

Tom's Hardware actually ran an entire review on hardware versus Cataclysm. While it's a little out of date, it'll give you a decent idea of what the game requires since it's still running on the same engine. MoP is more demanding, but it's not an entirely new game.

Something to keep in mind is that WoW is far more CPU-dependent than most games.,2793.html

Though they haven't done a full processor and video card review of Pandaria, Tom's does use WoW in its various CPU and GPU tests.
Most recent CPU comparison:,3348-13.html
Most recent GPU comparison:,3318-12.html
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