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My System Specs


Originally Posted by jibz View Post
I've used a few BFG 450w power supplies for a few builds back in the day and non have ever failed me. So now that I find myself having sold my test bench PSU I dug an old BFG out of the closet and set it up with the system I'm currently testing and long behind, this 450w psu is running a 7970 under full load without even getting warm.

I love these little guys, RIP BFG.
Consider yourself lucky :) - Yes how can I forget them, however one thing, In my opinion their support was terrible. I have an 8800GT BFG that failed on me, mind you, this could be a 8800 issue, which was barely used (so much for the lifetime warranty !) but they will go on blaming NVIDIA of course. Last few GPUs I had were all BFGs, never had any problems before except with the 8800GT single slot, but apparently it was not uncommon. Even got some BFG T-shirts so can never forget them.
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