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Originally Posted by dandelioneater View Post
So you were just planning on swapping the drive over to the new build already with WIn 8 on it i presume? Usually its best to do a clean install when changing over to new gear. I think going from AMD to intel hardware would definitely warrant a clean install IMHO. If your scans show no more viruses or malicious files, you should be ok, but ya never know. I would try to get a disk from somewhere. Its better to get a guy at a computer store to burn you a disk for 10 bucks or whatever then go out and hand M$ another 80 bucks for their lame OS. That's just my $0.02. Then you can be sure that your new build will be in top shape.
Alright, well I don't kid you when I say, there isn't a single computer store around. So my best bet is to buy Windows 8 and clean that whole drive with a new install of windows8?
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