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Default New monitor help!

Boy am I out of touch! I guess I need some advice on a new monitor. My samsung 226bw is showing signs of age (color banding), so its soon time.

IPS vs TN? Is TN only really needed for 3d gaming? Is a 120hz refresh rate really going to be noticeable gaming? I've been gaming for years at my current 60hz. (crossfired 6850's). I'd like to be around the $200 range, so maybe that rules out TN/120hz anyways.

I bought the monitor I currently have because of the 16:10 aspect ratio. Are most new 1080 monitors 16:9? Anyone care to share a preference? Should I look for a monitor that does 1920x1200 instead of 1920x1080? Or would it not display 1080 properly?

Any brand preferences? Was there something about Samsung not even making their own monitor panels anymore? That they only focus on TV's and not PC monitors? So is samsung still good, or would you suggest Dell or Asus before Samsung?

I don't remember monitor shopping being this complicated before
Thanks for any help or advice!

edit: I'd be looking at 22 to 24" in size. It would be nice to jump up to 24" if it was a good deal!
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