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My System Specs


I did get a reply to my query to ASUS support. Carter of ASUS wants me to disconnect my video cards and try the three monitors using the integrated ports on the motherboard which use the GPU in my APU (A10-5800). We are about to leave for a Christmas Holiday visiting family so it will be a couple of weeks before I can attempt that experiment I hope that will not royally screw up my system and make me reinstall and update my drivers etc for the video cards when I re-install them. I was wondering if just using device manager to disable the cards would be easier or do I need to physically remove them for the test to work?

While I'm at it I think I'll benchmark my system in the various possibilities;

1: Just using the APU when I have both HD6670 cards removed (or disabled in device manager?).
2: Just using the EAH6670 card
3: Using the EAH6670 in dual graphic mode with the APU
4: Using the EAH6670 & HD6670 in Crossfire mode

I cannot use just the HD6670 as it does not have a displayport and when it is hooked up in dual graphic mode with the APU the displayport on my motherboard is not active.

I have installed Novabench and it is easy to use, and completely free.

What other benchmarks should I use? I tried PC Wizard and it works in Win7 but not when I boot to Win8 - it starts up but then freezes ("... has stopped responding").
I already used the one free test that 3DMark allows.
I suppose I could also just do a Windows Performance test that comes with my system.

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