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My System Specs


A little research at the AMD website confirms that the HD6670 can handle more than five monitors, however the third and subsequent monitors must be attached to a displayport. I only have one displayport between the two cards, so I think I'm hooped if I want to keep both cards active. MAYbe if I don't use the HD6670 that does not have a displayport, and just settle for the one HD6670 running in dual mode with the APU which does have a displayport. BUT it would mean buying another Active Displayport adaptor ($35) and there is no guarantee it would work. Given I really have no need for the fourth monitor, and have not yet solved the desktop real estate problem (I'd probably have to resort to wall mounting all my screens to get them all in a row) I'm not sure I'd take a chance on spending $35 in vain and going though the efforts to configure this fourth monitor.

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