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Default Four Monitors? What does it take?

I've got a perfectly good monitor that I'm not using, so I thought to myself; "Self, why don't you see if you can find a way to hook it up to your current array of three monitors?" This fourth monitor is a 19" LG that can be rotated to a portrait position which makes it about as tall as my main monitor, it will mean more than 60" of monitors across.

Desktop real estate issues aside, what does it take to run four monitors?

I have two HD6670 video cards running in crossfire under AMD Catalyst (actually it says AMD Vision Engine Control Center). I'm using AMD's Eyefinity to create one virtual screen out of three (two 20" on each side of one 24" main screen in the middle).

It seems to be working well. (Two minor problems, 1) In Windows 8 the system reverts to the Default 'Daisy' theme everytime and I can't seem to get it not to do this, and 2) on restart the third monitor turns off but does not come back on like the other two. (This is the monitor connected through the Displayport via a Displayport to DVI adaptor, again no solutions yet)

SO ~ my question, will the system recognize a fourth monitor hooked up to the second video card, right now all three monitors are hooked up to video card #1. My second video card does not have a displayport but does have HDMI, DVI and a D-sub output. I have two GB DDR3 VRAM on the one card and 1 GB DDR5 VRAM on the other.

I do have the option of using my APU as my second videocard, it is supposed to be close to the same as a HD6670, and there is an onboard displayport. So that is the option. In which case I'd have a HD6670 for sale as it would just be taking up space in my box.

Now to come up with a good reason why I need four monitors.

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