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Originally Posted by Mnemonicman View Post
Just a quick update. I've replaced the leaky 90 degree adapter with two 45 degree adapters. I don't have any other adapter fittings to use so that will have to do for now. The ironic part is that this was supposed to be a quick build so I could mod my cosmos case and still have a pc. So my only recourse is to still try to tip the case to get the last bit of air out? If so I might have to leave it until after boxing day. Working retail sucks this time of year.

. . . Sorry that wasn't a quick update at all.

is what i use to fill a loop by having the hose off and and fill till comes out other end

note: with hoses above all water cooling equipment and exit is in a jug to catch spill off.

ever play with a maze with a ball bearing? thats what you gotta do move the air pockets to the top of loop

fluid is heavier then air
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