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Default Is My PSU hurting my VC?

So I have had to RMA my new XFX Double D 7970, it was artifacting and tearing at stock speeds, and OC'ing was the pits......memory didn't OC at all even with the GPU underclocked.I got my replacement card......OCing is once again the pits.....Memory oc gives me worse performance in any Bench and the GPU jus spits out driver crashes on anything over 5mhz over stock, and tonight it started stock speeds and 56 Celcuis under load.Either XFX has poopy qc or I got the worst luck in cards.But I thought it could, jus could be my PSU, I have a OCZ modstream pro 700 watt. I know I know, but hardwaresecrets did not see anything major in the filtering, well it did not have the best in 12v filtering, but it was with in specs, plus i got it on sale for 60 bucks.Could my PSU be causing my new VC to act like a big pile of poo?
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