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Originally Posted by Rasparthe View Post
Did a AM2+ run last night but the 9850 is even more 'sluggish' then DT told me when I bought it two years ago.
Yeah - and I used to run it on one of those horrible, horrible M3A32-MVP Deluxe boards, so I couldn't even get it stable at 2.8! I remember the frustration of trying to overclock that little bugger like it was yesterday. Oh wells. I've got the 1090T all rigged up now anyway, so I'll continue with that for now. If all goes well, I think I can probably improve kirbster's score more with my 1090T than I could your score with my 7850.

Originally Posted by Rasparthe View Post
EDIT: Nice score DT, broke the 90K
Thanks! It was a strange and special night - the cards were being oddly cooperative, as I've never been able to bench them with the vram that high before. I only wish I had more time to learn and tweak the mobo/CPU. It was my first time ever running SB-anything.
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