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It appears that 530 is the toughest thing to find. Did a AM2+ run last night but the 9850 is even more 'sluggish' then DT told me when I bought it two years ago. More likely my abilities there though but couldn't even top 3Ghz. Have to try it on air to get the kinks worked out but I have a score at any rate, if someone wants to put up an FM1. DT, I'm sure your AM2+ can top 26 secs, cold bug was at -32C, so didn't have much chance to to much tweaking trying to stay ahead of the heat.

EDIT: Nice score DT, broke the 90K

We are only 3 scores short now of filling all the stages, just another AMD chip for SuperPi and GT 220 and the elusive GT 530. Start honing those scores we are in the final stretch now.

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