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My System Specs


The i7-920 is that good when playing games and you have it overclocked to a decent speed.Some of the math and scienctific test and encodeing or recodeing the i7-920 is started to show it's age,it can be up to 40% slower in them test.As far as games go it is still up there with the top chips.I had a X58 and a i7-920 that I kept clocked at 4.2gigs form day one.I bought the X79 and the i7-3820 because of the new features and the lower power that the i7-3820 uses.But I did benchmark test in games and clocked them both the same 4.2gig and memory was set at 1600mhz plus I had a TRI-SLI GTX-470 running at 780/1800.There was only a 2% to 5% increase in afew games most were even closer,but a few stood out.But my i7-3820 is faster mainly because I can run it at 4.8gigs.I also updated to a SATA-6 SSD 256gig drive and running two ASUS GTX-670 Direct CU II in SLI which runs games faster and it was faster ten all three of my GTX-470's in TRI-SLI.Plus they are super Quiet and use a lot less power and the heat hardly ever see 70c.But if you are just a gamer then all you need is a SSD drive and maybe a GTX-670 or a HD-7970,as far as games but the i7-2600K ,i7-3770K or a i7-3820 is faster in other places that you might use.But If you have a i7-920 clocked above 4.2gigs and have two GTX580's in SLI then you should'nt have any problems with games.You can save on power if that is a concern and heat and noise.I used to need 1100 watts and now just need 850watt ,might could get by with a 750watt but I did'nt want to take a chance since I new I would be overclocking ,and that is not even nessassary.
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