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Originally Posted by Dead Things View Post
Despite the unlocked multi, the 7850BE isn't exactly known to be a great overclocker. So what have you got for AM2+? If you can go cold with that, then maybe I can try to improve our AM3 score a bit with my 1090T instead.
I have a certain 9850BE that someone sold me a long time ago.

But I've never had it under cascade as I find that most the chips from that era don't particularly like the cold and bug out a bit but I'll give it a spin anyway.

Originally Posted by Valkyrie View Post
There are a couple of 530's listed on Kij, one in Ottawa and one in Saint Laurent. I inquired about the one on Ottawa, but they didn't respond yet. I'm on the west coast so it may not work anyway timewise.

Any luck voltmodding your 320 Rasparthe?
Nope, haven't even got the stock cooler off yet, I need to get a 775 chip going and then its time for the 320. Hope I have enough time.
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