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Originally Posted by Slaughter View Post

You must make 1 submission (3DMark Vantage) for each GPU in order to receive the full points.
  • GeForce GT 220 GDDR3
  • GeForce GT 320
  • GeForce GT 430
  • GeForce GT 530
  • GeForce GT 630 DDR3

Doh. In regards to the GT 220 in Toronto, looks like it is DDR2 where the limitations specify GDDR3.

Asus Geforce 220GT
Good catch, never looked at that part of the limitations.

Just remember that you can only make one submission per member, so I have made a GT 320 submission and therefore cannot submit for another card, or the one with the lessor points will be discarded. If someone makes a higher submission I can submit for another card.

That is funny about the GT 320, the guy probably had no idea why he sold them all. I wonder if the price increased at all.

I'll see what I can do with AM2+, I have a board that I can get cold for that.
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