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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
Bingo. This was a scam from day 1 by some sketchy devs...and steam fell for it hook, line and sinker. People need to stop prepurchasing games until the industry learns that they can no longer put out crappy products and expect to be paid.
Where's my Bingo? I was calling all of this before the game was released. I don't think Valve "fell for" anything. These devs already have War Inc Battlezone (which is where 90% of the assets of War Z come from) on Steam so obviously they have some sort of agreement with Valve already which maybe allowed them to post War Z on Steam without much issue. And this was more than just a crappy game - there are lots of crappy games on Steam. It was the false advertisement, the ban happy community leaders, the greedy developers and their lead dev Sergey that is absolutely bat shit insane and tells outright, blatantly obvious lies. I believe he even called some of his customers 'faggots' once. I wouldn't be making a stink if the game was just bad, because bad games are mad all the time. Something of this nature hasn't really happened on Steam before so it does bring to light that maybe Steam should be screening these games something like Apple's Appstore. Especially now with the Greenlight games starting to release on Steam, a lot of which are still in Alpha. They need to possibly make a game category for Beta/Alpha's and make it ABSOLUTELY CLEAR that the game is still in development and you are buying into a half finished game. Desura does something like this on their website.

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