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Your pics are not showing up. As for what should and should not be, isn't that a bit of an entitlement issue? That's the reason why you pay money or don't pay money for it, because you are not entitled to anything other than an opinion, not the way the product works. As stated before, the great thing about capitalism is you don't have to buy a product, and you don't have to support a company you don't like. I don't fund Starbucks, it's amazing how many people think that's impossible lol.

Originally Posted by Bloodystumps View Post
The dock is good for some one that has a small amount of programs installed as it is no different then the task bar just a little fancier.
I don't know if you counted, but I have the entire Adobe suite, Microsoft Office (at least what I use), 4 browsers, every game system (steam, orgin, uplay, and even room for gw2), 2 voips, all my media apps, budgeting software, editing software, my virtual software, and remote tools, and all the os links that are in the start menu, plus a programs folder for anything oddball that only gets used here or there. That's 34 programs and folders. The start menu only held 18 items in it at a time until you had to open up the programs menu (which is all held in my applications folder), and I even have all the links you'll find on the side of your start menu minus the ones I don't care to use (but as you can see I easily have room for more if I really wanted to). So I wouldn't say that a dock is like the taskbar, the task bar augments my dock. The taskbar is my start menu replacement, except I've gotten faster with it than I could be with a start menu (again back to the what you are comfortable with thing) but that still took time.

At least you are willing to admit WHY you dont like windows 8. You point blank said you simply want plug and play and don't want to have to do anything. Most people on here are simply saying M$ needs to simply cater to them without much of a reason as why. At least you are honest about it, in which case I would say sticking with Win7 until we see what the future of windows has in store for us is a wise move.
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