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My System Specs


It is a comfort thing for sure and I'm comfortable with command lines, start menus and I have XP, 7 ,8, Linux, Android and IOS devises all running right now and I have used macs I think pretty much all the OS's are about the same when it comes to ease of use.

of course running Linux or a mac for the first time you are going to have a bit of a learning curve like going from a bicycle to a Harley but Windows shouldn't be like learning how to ride a bicycle all over again it's a Operating system and like I said it is more like a patch then a fresh new OS so I shouldn't have to learn it all over again.

The dock is good for some one that has a small amount of programs installed as it is no different then the task bar just a little fancier.

I use the OS to run my programs. I don't install windows just so I can tweak it or have to learn it each time they come out with a new version . It's like a car manufacture all of a sudden moving the steering wheel to the right side or switching the gas and brake pedals.

just a little back ground on me I am no IT guy just a stupid mechanic that likes to learn. I have built and modded my own systems, diagnosed any malfunctions I have had, My system has been under water since the late 90's when I learned what voltage could do to a PC , I've soldered wires to main boards when I was really geeking out even learned a bit of python and some binary code years ago just so I could have a better understanding. so I am not afraid of new just lazy in the way I want to excess my programs . ie, Install windows , install programs , click click click click

or the way win8 wants my laptop to work ie, install windows ,install programs , get frustrated , install program to excess my programs . kinda seems redundant ?
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