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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Wow!!!! Great build, thanks for sharing, I wasn't aware of those cases at all!

Have you set something up to monitor the HDD temps? It's been quite a while since I heard of anybody having problems with an overheating HDD, but since there is zero airflow I'd be keeping an eye on it just in case.

Did you feel the case under full load? Is it sitting at around 70c?
At full load it does get toasty on the outside, I can keep my hands on it but it's not that comfortable.

It's a SSD, I reckon it could take the heat better than a conventional drive. And it gets nowhere close to 70C normally, hovers at around 30C inside the case normally.

Originally Posted by TigerClaw27 View Post
Where did you buy your Streacom case?
Perfect Home Theatre, but regarding that store....

Bad news.

To everyone with a power brick from Streacom/Wesena/Perfect Home Theatre, be careful with the external power brick BTW, mine died in a little under a month. I opened it up and found CRAP soldering, and connections that broke off due to cold solders and whatnot:

A baby could solder better! I will need to reflow the connections as I have to pay to ship it back, which I thought was ridiculous as any reseller should stand behind their product especially if it was an issue a consumer could not foresee. Utter garbage.

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