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Originally Posted by Bloodystumps View Post
Yea I used a some kind of leopard dock back when XP came out on my laptop and it was useful as a task bar but for my Win7 Rig I just don't find it handy and I don't use my win8 laptop enough right now and honestly not sure if it is because I find it difficult to use .
I think it's a comfort thing. It all depends on what you are used to. So many Mac users hate PC because they are not used to it, and vice versa. I use Linux, Mac, and PC; so I'm comfortable with having to adjust my user experience on the fly. Plus being a command line guy I'm pretty much able to adjust whatever I need to in whatever OS I'm using (although sometimes keeping the command straight between multiple platforms and various flavours of linux can become confusing at times, but that's what google is for).

Anyway, once you get used to something it becomes second nature and you will find yourself surprised you ever went without it. In a couple years that's how Win8 users will be with the new UI, and as people reluctantly make the switch, it will be a matter of weeks or less before they were wondering why it was ever a big deal.

The only reason using a dock, using the Modern UI, a start menu, or command line becomes a big deal is because if you don't know any better; then how can you possibly imagine using a new system? Riding a bike doesn't become fun until after get past the whole falling over thing, unless you are on black top, for some reason I never fell over on that stuff, such a tease....blacktop....
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