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My System Specs


...still waiting for the beep. I don't know if this thing's recording or not. Oh well, I'm just gonna start talking anyway. I hope you're getting this!

So I've bought a few things from 3.0 over the years - going off memory here, but I think the first thing I bought was one of those Highspeed PC tech benches I think in 2009, then a BFG EX-1200 PSU in 2010, and then most recently a Supermicro 4P G34 mobo a couple weeks ago. I use each of these items every day.

3.0 keeps his stuff in immaculate condition through some feat of magic. I can only assume 3.0's secret to keeping his gear in such great shape is because he drinks unicorn blood. I generally make a rule of buying server mainboards new so that they are under warranty when they inevitably (or so it seems) go kablooey, but I did not hesitate for one iota of a nanosecond to buy 3.0's H8QGi when he offered it.

So if you are thinking of dealing with 3.0charlie, rest assured that you can buy with the highest confidence you can imagine. Actually, higher than that - buy with confidence beyond your wildest imagination.
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