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Just saw this thread. Good bump as I missed it before. :)

Honestly, this is a decent gaming monitor. But I can honestly say that I prefer the H version. 120Hz vs 144Hz is going to be a non-issue unless you have dual or triple GPUs (and can over-saturate a 120 monitor). Even then its not going to make that big a difference as 120 is smooooth. Add in some issues with screen uniformity and the like and while good it was not an monitor I could see purchasing for myself (I actually own the H version). ALSO (last time I checked) its 144Hz in 2D but the NV 3D V2 max out at 120....making the 'edge' a 2D only 'edge'.

Personally if you are interested in 3D gaming get the H. For 2D, go for a higher res monitor. 1080P 2D gaming on a 27 monitor is a less than optimal experience (usually).
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