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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Rollergold View Post
Nothing looks too out of wack (its's DDR 3 btw though ) so no your not nuts.
No, just wrong.

You will certainly want a second 4gig GTX 670 though if you want 60fps+ with 3D Vision on those games with high res texture packs or massive AA settings.
Yes, I was thinking of saving money by upgrading to SLI down the road. Tthe question for me is, until such time would I regret the 670. Should I have gotten the 680 instead? So many sites show an OC'ed 670 rivals a stock 680 anyway. It's just too bad no review sites off a very solid 3D vision performance chart. At least none that I have seen.

If you spare the space swap the XB with the HAF XM. The XB only has room for two 3.5 inch drives in its 2 front (non-lockable) hot swap bays, no internal HDD support otherwise. The HAF XM has better internal drive support + better cooling for your video cards and the same water cooling support for only 30 dollars more.
Thank-you very much for this advise!

Consider saving 100 dollars and going for a 3530K instead of the 3770K since this machine looks to be a gaming oriented. Most games don't make use of the 3770's 4 extra virtual (hyper threaded) cores so unless your going to be doing 3D rendering or video editing on the same machine the 3570K is a better overall value.
Your absolutely right. On paper. However, I came across a forum post discussing this very topic the other day in which a person was having issues playing the game in 3D SLI. Single GPU wasn't as bad but apparently the game plus SLI really took advantage of the HT of the 3770K. It wasn't the clock speed difference, he tested for that. He also linked to a study by someone on the Anandtech forum who did a more in depth test and came to the same conclusion. 3D, especially with SLI appears to be a different beast altogether. I can't say for sure, but I'm thinking the added performance of the 3770K is helping to cover up issues or deficiencies with the tech.

I will post the link if I can find it again.

Problem is, like I said I can't find any real investigative reporting on 3D vision2 with the current crop of GPU's. So, as it stands, I figure I'll err on the side of caution and pony up the extra 100 clams. That's usually the nice thing about overkill, you can't say you came up short and regret it. Many times in the past I have suffered from cheapitis.

Personally with a gaming build you won't see much (if any) of a frame rate increase with 1866 memory over going with 1600 memory. I would go with 16 gigs of 1600 DDR3 instead so you can put the extra money in to your video cards which are the parts that really matter in a gaming build. By the way what do you mean by RAM speed that's a 1 to 1 ratio with the CPU? With K series CPU's the multiplier is 100% unlocked so you don't have to mess with the Base Clock (which in turn messes with your ram speeds) to overclock the K parts.
Yes, you are right! I am too used to manipulating my FSB's with my locked multies on my Core2 Duo and Quad 6600. Thank-you! Am I correct in assuming then that the ram has no effect on the overclockability of an unlocked CPU?

I heard somewhere though that increasing the FSB and decreasing the multiplyer was a superior way to OC. At least with the Core CPU's. I wouldn't know for sure because if I wanted anything above an average OC I had to take my NB into the stratosphere.

Thank-you very much for the feedback guy's! It helps a lot. I go through a barren wasteland of ignorance every upgrade cycle. I'm more a gamer than a hardware guru.
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