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As others have said this definitely isn't a "great" way of cooling a computer. However, it definitely does work and I myself have built about 3 of them as different projects for different people. If you are going for performance cooling to overclock things, I recommend you go a different route, you will not achieve the results that you want, they are also a pain in the butt to work with.

On to the logistics, I would not recommend doing your fish tank in a fish tank idea. While it is possible, it is going to be extremely extremely hard to perfectly seal every part of the inner fish tank and if there is the smallest leak anywhere you will be frying your computer and killing your fish.

As far as building the actual computer this is how I do most of mine. Find an old metal sliding keyboard tray from a desk, you can drill holes into that and put standoff into it to mount your motherboard. I even drilled holes through the sliders so I could insert a pin on each side. Those pins allowed you to grab the mobo tray and slide it vertically up out of the oil, you could then put the pins in each side and it would stay out of the oil and drain most of it off the components. To mount the sliding tray I carefully drill holes through the glass to put the screws and then seal those off. Drilling holes through glass is a pretty big pain just fyi.

After thats it is about like building any other computer though, you just drop it in your choice of mineral oil afterwards. Just make sure to keep the HDD and the ODD out of the oil, that will ruin them. I then also normally insert an intake and an outtake tube send it through a pump and a radiator just to keep the oil a little bit cooler. I have built 2 computers where I left things like the GPU and CPU heatsinks and fans intact just like a normal computer, and I have also built one without any heatsinks on the components directly. From the temperatures of the ones I have built there doesn't seem to be a large difference between the two configurations.
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