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Default Cheaper Phone Suggestions

So I am looking for opinions on some of the cheaper phones out there.

Basically I am looking at a few of the pre-paid phones for my daughter. The ones I have had my eye on are:
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace II X from Virgin $199 (or Koodo $150)
  • Samsung Galaxy Discover from Telus $99
  • HTC Desire C from Virgin $149
I think that is about it, but I am open to other suggestions. The main thing is it has to have at the least ICS on it, I won't get one that doesn't come shipped with ICS. Second this does not need to be a powerhouse phone but I don't want it to be crap either. As for price I am really wanting to limit it to $200.

Now she already has a phone with virgin and we are going to stick with them for the prepaid so if I get another phone from someone else, Rogers, Bell, Telus, etc. then I will have to get it unlocked. Now that seems to be about 25-35 dollars depending on where you look online. Of course if there is a way to unlock the phone by myself I will do that.

Just remember that this is for my 13 year old daughter so I do not want to spend a ton, hell cheaper is better, but I don't want complete crap. So any input on those models or any others with ICS around the same price would be appreciated very much. Thanks
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