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My System Specs


So... You are ONLY having the problem on this one computer. You've reformatted, plugged directly into the modem by bypassing your router, reinstalled NIC drivers, tried different browsers, tried different DNS servers, and some other slew of 'fixes'? After all that then yes, definitely try grabbing a new NIC and put it in your PC to test to see if your NIC is faulty because what else could it really be at that point. If that doesn't work then I suggest throwing your computer off of a 5 story balcony into a dumpster and proceed to rage.

And although I know you've tried different DNS servers maybe just put int Google's DNS into your NIC settings on the computer ( and and also try a tcpip stack reset; at command prompt type " netsh winsock reset " and then " netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt ". That probably isnt going to do anything seeing as how you reinstalled Windows but something to try amirite?
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