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My System Specs


G700 is more of a palm mouse isn't it, yet you find it comfortable? I'm claw/fingertip and I am not a fan of those ergonomic logitech designs (I used the G500 for a couple months, didn't like it all the much). I recently bought a Steelseries Sensei from an NCIX sale and am liking, other than the fact there is only 2 DPI settings to switch between without going into the software to change it. You can also pick up the Sensei RAW for cheaper, it just doesnt have right side buttons or LEDs on it. Before using the G500 and then Sensei I was using a TactX which has probably been my favorite mouse that I've tried as it fit my grip perfectly and didn't have issues with my pinky getting sore like you mentioned (definitely had that before). I probably wouldn't buy it again though for the sole reason being that my left mouse button started misclicking after about 2 years maybe and it seems to be a common problem. The TactX is based off the G9 though so you could try a G9X as well, which was another mouse I was looking at after the G500. Unfortunately I could only find the Modern Warfare 3 variant for cheap and the regular edition seems to only be sold on Logitech's website for $90 which is a bit steep.

Are you sure you're a claw grip, because you shouldn't need a big mouse for claw.
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