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Then again maybe we could all start talking (you know by voice) with family and friends, and mailing them actual photos they could touch and see and feel and save? Man, what a concept! Real sensory human to human interaction! </irony>

When I have stuff to share with folks I interact with remotely - ie on-line - I just post the materials to my web site asnd give them the URL. You can get a decent small account with good service for about $35/year and a domain name for another $10-15. Spend a couple of evenings learning some basic software and you're good to go. $50/tear and a little learning time is a small price to pay for control over your own material.

Yes I have a facebook account, mostly to preserve my name on an account than for serious use. Nothing is on it that isn't already readily accessible knowledge for anyone with the inclination to look and it's still locked down as tight as possible. I use Twitter primarly as a large RSS feed from mostly information sites/users. The whole "social media" thing is overrated.
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