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Originally Posted by cmac79 View Post
i don't even care what shit ppl say about this game anymore..most of the negativity comes from butthurt noobs who don't have a clue how to play it..Hell most of the scam rumors and all that came from a disgruntled mod who was fired,who later made another video saying everything he said was a lie,he was just mad..People die cause they suck so they feel the need to bash the game everywhere.Its sad cause its a great game being bashed by ppl cause they are skilless and don't understand the meaning of alpha/beta..If you don't like the game stfu and move on its that simple,but of course some ppl are big idiots who feel the need to make others miserable just cause they buddies and i have been playing every night for a few hrs and we rarely ever die rarely ever see a takes some skill,take your time.people run out in the open like a chicken with its head cut off and they get owned so they start crying hack..i have been called a hack with almost every kill.And i have never hacked in my life..once the lil kiddies move on and back to their cods the community for this game will be so much better
LOOOOOOL. The scam 'rumours' started from day 1, because it is a scam. They falsely advertised their game when it launched on Steam a couple of days ago, to no ones surprise. They then changed the description after TotalBiscuit's video about it came out (after thousands had bought it I'm sure). Now they INCREASED the spawn time after your character dies from 1 hour to 4 hours to get you to pay 50GC (REAL MONEY) to revive yourself. The game is a pay to play game with microtransactions (WTF?). The developers are always banning people from their forums, and now the Valve subforum, for anything said negatively about the game - which has now forced Valve to step in to see WTF exactly is going on here.

I'm not going to go too far off into what is wrong with this game AGAIN for the 3rd time in this thread since I could go on forever but let me tell you that people DO know how to play this game as a lot of them moved over from DayZ thinking it would solve everything that's wrong with it so don't say people don't know how to play it. You are welcome to play it as much as you want but I am actively going to try and discourage as many people from wasting their money on this pile of shit. I just feel bad for the people that see this on Steam and don't know the whole story behind it and end up paying for it.

Oh and Chromey, from what I heard it costed you $7 of real money to create that clan, did it not?

Edit- Just checked and you can no longer purchase the game on Steam, only add it to your wishlist! LOL

Edit#2 - WarZ devs now blaming the customers for reading their game description wrong: The War Z ?Apologise? After Misleading Steam Customers | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Srsly when this many reputable gaming news sites are clearly showing how scummy the devs are, how can you choose to support this game?

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