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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Is the requirement for rear mount just because you either don't have room on your front bays or want a clean look on the front? If so, how about internally mounting a 3 1/2" bay fan controller in an internal HDD bay?

You have to remove the case side to access it, but most folks don't change their fan speeds all that much once they find the sweet spot.

As far as the original request, I don't think they make them with more than one control, but if you bought one you might be able to figure out how to drill out the PCI cover to install another dial on the same slot cover.
Well basically what I am doing is installing a Arctic Cooling S1 Plus onto my 6870 with a couple of 90mm fans attached to it. I was hoping to have some quick access knobs to adjust it. I've seen several single fan controllers for the pci bracket but nothing that has multiples. I don't really want to have the wires across my case to the front if I can avoid it. The 3 fan ports on my mobo are used up by the fans on my heatsink and my spotcool fan over my ram. I guess I can buy one of those single fan controllers and a splitter but am unsure if that will provide full power to the fans or force them to run at half power?
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