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My System Specs


Originally Posted by muse108dc View Post
monks are really expensive. or they were anyways. 70M can build you an alright monk but maybe mp6. I love my monk but I Must have sunk 200M easily into it by now.
Hmmm...gonna take a stab at that based off my monk.

Helm: Dex/vit/resist Inna's...3m
Amulet: Avg dmg, dex/cc/cd...1-2m (got mine for 500k)
Shoulders: Life % vile ward or rare with 150 dex 100 vit & double resists...5m
Chest: Inna's or rare with dex/vit/sockets/double resist...3m
Belt: Rare with 100 dex, 100 vit, double resist...2m
Pants: Inna's...3m
Boots: Rare with 200 dex, 50+ vit, double resists...2m
Rings: Avg dmg, dex, crit chance...3-4m each
Gloves: Dex, crit chance, crit dmg, resist...5m
Bracers: Lacuni's w/o crit, strongarm bracers with dex, rare with dex/vit/resist(s)...2m
Weapons: Socketed 1000 dps 150 dex echoing fury: 7m. Socketed 850 dps Butchers sickle: 5m

That's around 47m so plenty of room to add in upgrades (witching hour if EHP permits, ice climbers, Nat's 2pc...)

I can solo MP8 pretty easily right now, and if the witching hour I found last night sells I'll be able to buy a LS socketed echoing fury with no loss in DPS which should allow me to solo MP10 (sustain vs reflect dmg packs is what's holding me back)

Shyla | Monk | Diablo 3 DPS & EHP Calculator

Took a 5k DPS hit by replacing my Inna's chest, but gained 100k EHP so worth it for higher MP levels.

Although character sheet only shows around 160k dps, I'm actually doing 222k sustained DPS (with overawe) plus 160k DPS from snapshot sweeping winds so stuff dies pretty quick
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