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Originally Posted by tethlah View Post
The hardest part will be that "Modern UI". It's the only thing that changed (aside from behind the scenes updates to the OS operations). I've suggested using things like ObjectDock and just staying in DT mode. The new UI is the replacement for the start menu, so if you can't live without the start menu, I would greatly suggest going back to Win7. The operation is exactly the same (other than performance loss that most wont ever notice) and you still get to keep the smaller start menu.

And this is the hard part from a business standpoint. How do you transition from the old start menu to the new? The only thing I can think of is rather than naming it Windows 8, that they brand it differently. The only issue with that is that it actually is the same windows, just with another UI added to it. It's kind of a damned if you do damned if you don't situation.

They always could have called it Walls 2012.
Personally I'd vote for either A) "Windows Ain't" or B)Just plain "WINDOW" there aint much 'windows' in Win 8.
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