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My System Specs


Nothing looks too out of wack (its's DDR 3 btw though ) so no your not nuts.

You will certainly want a second 4gig GTX 670 though if you want 60fps+ with 3D Vision on those games with high res texture packs or massive AA settings.
Few other things to consider as well:
  • If you spare the space swap the XB with the HAF XM. The XB only has room for two 3.5 inch drives in its 2 front (non-lockable) hot swap bays, no internal HDD support otherwise. The HAF XM has better internal drive support + better cooling for your video cards and the same water cooling support for only 30 dollars more.
  • Consider saving 100 dollars and going for a 3530K instead of the 3770K since this machine looks to be a gaming oriented. Most games don't make use of the 3770's 4 extra virtual (hyper threaded) cores so unless your going to be doing 3D rendering or video editing on the same machine the 3570K is a better overall value.
  • Personally with a gaming build you won't see much (if any) of a frame rate increase with 1866 memory over going with 1600 memory. I would go with 16 gigs of 1600 DDR3 instead so you can put the extra money in to your video cards which are the parts that really matter in a gaming build.
By the way what do you mean by RAM speed that's a 1 to 1 ratio with the CPU? With K series CPU's the multiplier is 100% unlocked so you don't have to mess with the Base Clock (which in turn messes with your ram speeds) to overclock the K parts.

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