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Mistake on first post, I meant to say "enable PEG not PCI".
I have tried both PCIe slots (x4/x16), and neither works.
Unfortunately the card did not come with molex to 6 pin. My current PSU only has one 6 pin and the card has only one 6 pin connected. Would that be the problem?
I have also tried the DVI/VGA adapter on my 210 and it works. Tried on a different monitor and still black screen. Windows does log on (I can hear start up sounds), but no display.

Edit: On BIOS I had "Init Display First" and "Internal Graphics" on "Auto", while using 7870 with VGA/DVI adapter and VGA cable, I still get no signal. When I switch the VGA cable to the onboard (While windows is booting w/o signal) I get onboard display. Its as if the card isn't being detected at all.
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