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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Black_Ice-Dragon View Post
Alright dropped the LGA 2011 after some further research. I still may add some watercooling to replace the H100I later on. I think I am into the final setup just waiting to get home from holidays now to make the order. If anyone has any further suggestions please feel free. Thank you all for your help.
Everything looks great.
Few things to keep in mind if you go with the 800D though:
  • If you got kids in the house keep a close eye on the machine since at least 1 some of your drives are going to have to be mounted in the hot swap bays. The 800D only has two non-hot swap 3.5 inch internal drive mounts, the rest of the mounts are the 4 hot swap bays. Depending on if your using the SSD's or the HDD's for the boot drive(s) I would mount the boot drive(s) in the 2 drive mounts in the bottom of the case and if your SSD's are the boot drive(s) make sure those SSD's come with the 2.5 to 3.5 inch converter tray as the bottom 2 mounts use hard drive rails not sleds.
  • Consider the USB and SATA 6 upgrade kit as I believe the 800D only ships with USB 2 front panel ports and a SATA 3 interface for the hot swap bays (correct me if I'm wrong). NCIX carries both but the USB 3 is not the 20 pin internal header, it uses the USB 3 pass-though cables you have to then route to the back of the case then plug in to the back of your mobo.
The 800D is still a great case despite the possible caveats I described above, but its still something to keep in mind.

Other case options in or around the 800D's price range would be the Cosmos 2 or the HAF X from CM, The NZXT Switch 810 or Phantom 820 if your reconsidering.

PS Ya before I said the HAF X was overkill but since you mentioned a possible custom water loop then the HAF X is far from overkill then.
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